first remix i want to do

2013-09-20 22:35:56 by samuri-ASHI

will be a famous final fantasy song which will be the final fantasy prelude.but i dont want to touch such a master piece untill i have fully masted the tools and skills to make music or at least learn the proper way .i plan to make a trance type remix since the song is smooth and very calming , for the mean time i will be makeing my own songs and expermenting like if im not feeling it one night i just make something for someone to use like a little intro or song for a game.

and im very nerves to see what evryone will rate and comment on it ! it been my dream to do this first step on new grounds since i was 15! and now it finally here >_< its mt first time doing a song on my own so im still worryed it wont sound good to the pros on here .well check it out guys and if you like it feel free download it and this might be pushing it but if you really like it and want to use it in a video or game let me know i be happy to team up with some one

well it sounds cool the way i did and lets face it it is a little amusing to see people get mad about it lol but anyway theres three reasons why.1 micro soft auto corrected it and i thought ok i guass thats right.2 i hate being origanal i love to try uniqe things.. 3 i find it funny people make a big deal about it and it sounds real cool in my own way.and thats why it is miss spelled

going to try makeing music

2013-09-11 15:35:17 by samuri-ASHI

well i tryed showing my art. >_> that didnt turn out ok lol. i have always had a good ear for music and what sounds good together so now that i have a pc i will try makeing music ^0^ yay for good music and not the bleep you hear on the radio and kids ipods lol well wish me luck i hope to make good music you all will love.and dont be afraid to be honest i love to hear what you think so i can improve my skills and work.

great news

2013-01-20 13:24:53 by samuri-ASHI

i will be graduating this year in march from high school and am happy to announce that i took animation,film,art and theater arts this year for both my courses so by the time i finish school i will be fully educated on the skills i need to finnaly make animation on newgrounds ^_^ im also learning how to compose techno so cant wait to start submitting my work for all you out there to see and hopefully bring you entertainment

-samuri ashi-

script and idea guy here

2012-01-24 05:20:31 by samuri-ASHI

my email so i been thinking since i do not have the programs or tec yet to do flashs or sprites yet i be the guy who gives users ideas or scips i made. my ideas are just crazy and wild either it a video game theamed or just my mind going crazy with awsomeness that blow peoples eyes out. hit me up with my email or here and i be sure to get bak to me but dont forget to give me credit ^_^